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Just like other modellers, I like to put the models I have in a surrounding that is appropriate. The bigger the diorama the better.... but unfortunately that is where the local authorities (a.k.a. girlfriend) stop me. So until we finally get that big house with the spare room I will have to stick to building smaller dioramas. On these pages you will find pictures of some of the dioramas I have built sofar.

'Smileys Tow Service' 

The first one I would like to show is built using the Woodland Scenics 'Smileys Tow Service' kit, almost everything you see in the picture is actually included in the kit. 

This picture is taken from the 'front' of the diorama, the truck on the right is a Wiking model, the pick-up on the left is the Roco model. Details on both models have been painted and both models have been weathered using dry pastel chalks.

This picture is taken from the right side of the diorama.

This picture of this diorama is taken from the back, it shows Monogram's Chevy Bel-Air which is quietly rusting away under the trees....

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