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'Smileys Tow Service'  (continued)

Some detail pictures of the Smiley diorama can be found by clicking the thumbnails below:


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Another diorama is pictured below, it is the Vollmer kit of what is supposed to be built as a Burger King restaurant, but for my diorama it has changed sides. The McDonald's signs on the roof have been made from the plastic coffee 'spoons' (American version), the roadside sign has been also been made from a coffee 'spoon' (Euro version).

Carmodels in this picture: Busch: Chevrolet Caprice, Ford Mustang 64,  Dodge Monaco taxis and police car, Trident: Chevy pick-up, Roco: Dodge pick-up, Monogram: Corvette, Herpa: Jeep Cherokee, Wiking: Mercedes 350SL and IMU: Karmann Ghia convertible. The trailer is a modified Wiking model, the other models are fairly standard with just the lights painted. (Tamiya XF11 Chrome Silver with X26 Clear Orange or X27 Clear Red) 

'Car Repair'

A little diorama, if I can call it that, with a Herpa Brabus 500SL in need of repair. Wikings Mercedes 507D service van has already arrived and the mechanic will soon have the car on its way......  The Herpa Mercedes is from the 'private collection', I have just added license plates, the 507D has some painted details. The base of this diorama is a (scale) wooden pallet.

Some detail pictures of this diorama:


Service-1.jpg (51751 bytes) Service-2.jpg (50189 bytes) Service-3.jpg (58154 bytes) Service-4.JPG (67835 bytes)

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