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- Herpa limited runs for the Motorshow Essen -

Since 1989, Herpa has had its own representation at the Essen Motorshow, which is held in Essen, Germany every year in the last week of november / first week of december.

As a promotional, Herpa created different models for each years Motorshow. As a sideline I have a little collection of these models, the only one missing is the 1996 model. With the exception of the Mini, they were al packed in Herpa's standard PC-box. Pictures of the models are posted on this page. (Unfortunately, Herpa has decided to stop making these promotionals in 1999, so the 1998 model is the last one).

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Motorshow-BMW-1.JPG (65388 bytes) The 1989 model, a BMW 525i. (5000 pieces) Motorshow-BMW-2.JPG (63008 bytes) The 1990 model, a BMW 325i (5000 pieces)
Motorshow-BMW-3.JPG (63534 bytes) The 1991 model, a BMW 750iL with opening hood moulded in clear plastic. (5000 pieces)  Motorshow-VWCorrado.JPG (62342 bytes) The 1992 model, a VW Corrado (3500 pieces)
Motorshow-Mini.JPG (63447 bytes) The 1992 special, a Mini Cooper (Motorshow Essen 25 years) (2500 pieces) Motorshow-MBEVO2.JPG (64784 bytes) The 1993 model, a MB 190E 2.5-16 with Borbet rims (3000 pieces)
Motorshow-BMW-4.JPG (63798 bytes) The 1994 model, a BMW M3 GTR (2000 pieces) Motorshow-Porsche.JPG (61723 bytes) The 1995 model, a Porsche 911 (2000 pieces)
herpa_Calibra_Essen1996.JPG (18946 bytes) The 1996 model, an Opel Calibra DTM (1000 pieces) Motorshow-Alfa.JPG (60666 bytes) The 1997 model, a Alfa Romeo 155 DTM
Motorshow-OpelVectra.JPG (59942 bytes) The 1998 model, an Opel Vectra STW    

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