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On these pages you will find pictures of some of the models I have repainted and/or rebuilt using either parts from other models or spareparts that were sold seperately. I apologize for the quality of some of the older pictures on these pages, I will replace the older pictures by better ones in the future.

The original model was an Albedo Scania 111 truck, I have lengthened the original chassis to fit the Preiser container and a Herpa crane. The container itself is straight from the kit, with just a minor change at the front so the crane would fit. The complete model has been painted with Tamiya flat paints and weathered with dry chalk pastels to make it look as if it has had a rough working week.

A little tip: try to find these models if you're into sportscars ! These two are by Bburago and they used to have a chain attached to them so they could be used on a keychain. The models are made of metal and fully chromed, but as you can see in the picture an hour or so of painting does them right. Pictured from left to right: Ferrari 288GTO and 456GT. Other models are available, like the Mercedes 300SL Gullwing, a Bugatti EB110 and Ferrari Testarossa and they are all 1/87.


Two of Preisers fully functional (!) containertrucks, both built straight from the box just a little weathering.

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